Ireland's Ancient East irelands ancient east

Wander through 5,000 years of history

When you explore Ireland’s Ancient East, you wander through 5,000 years of history. Peel back the layers of history and discover a story that unfolds in the vast green landscapes that seduced a millennia of settlers from Ancient Man to Early-Christians and Medieval Lords to Colonial Settlers. On your journey immerse yourself in the past as you are greeted by prehistoric wonders, monastic marvels, magnificent castles and grand estates at every turn.

This is 5,000 years of history. This is Ireland’s Ancient East.

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Waterford City

Just how did Waterford’s Cloth of Gold vestments survive? How exactly did these exquisite garments of Italian silk and Belgian embroidery, regarded as one of the greatest treasures of medieval Europe, endure the ferocious religious wars of the 17th century? Simple: they were buried under Waterford city. Unearthed 123 years later, they hang today in Waterford’s Medieval Museum.
"This is an excellent example of a modern museum. The highlight in my opinion is the mayor's wine vault at the lowest level."
Founded by the Vikings in the late 9th century, Waterford is one of Ireland's oldest cities and you can delve into its intriguing history in Waterford Treasures, a trio of museums in the city's Viking Triangle. Start with the Vikings in the stone fortress of Reginald’s Tower, before moving on to the Medieval Museum and finishing up in the elegant Bishop’s Palace.