Car Parking

The hotel's parking lot is directly across the street, and a pedestrian crossing provides easy access to it.

Dooley's Hotel customers can park at the Merchants Quay Car Park for discounted rates.

The following online deals and prices are available online, but please, ONLY make a booking when you have secured a parking space:

Overnight Deal (15 Hours, Sunday – Thursday); 
Overnight Deal (15 Hours, Friday & Saturday); 

Hourly ticket can also be purchased. 

Tickets can be purchased in any of the pay stations by inserting either coins or cards. However we recommend purchasing tickets online upon your arrival, at the link found here.

There is no need to print anything out; the parking attendant will just utilize the vehicle registration number you enter to validate your payment.

Limit of 2.1 meters in height

Invalid shows as an error message when a non-U.S. license plate is entered. Put "RENTAL" on your license plate when this occurs. Examples: 202C1234Rental, etc.

Please contact Parkpnp at 01-5133583 or by email at if you have any questions or concerns about this reservation.

The Commercial Parking Lot Is a Type of Property

Number of open spots: 26

Dooley's Hotel

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